Imagining the New Media Encounter by Alan Liu

After reading Liu's article (several times, I'll admit) it was very interesting to me because I am studying both English and Computer Science in my degree.  Liu's article was very intensive, but informative at the same time. I found his translations of words from the English language into the Computing language applicable to me in my daily studies, so the word "writing" becomes "encoding" and "reading" becomes "browsing". With this in mind, I begin to think about one of my favourite Medieval books, The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I have read this book from start to finish, but now it seems with this New Media that Liu speaks of, I have researched and found out that I can now browse The Canterbury Tales too.
At this website, we see Peter Robinson. He is the project director of this on-line publication. He is currently the only one in his field, having completed publishing the whole of the book on line as if you were looking at it like the book.
Getting back to Liu's article, it explains how we have progressed to where we are digitally. He speaks about audio being the next step after books. With CDs being published, you could listen to the book being read. This conforms with what Peter Robinson has done. Before he completed The Canterbury Tales Project, he released a CD of the book, so it seems publishing the book on-line would have been the next step.

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